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Collectible antique figures and soldiers.

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Created in 1996, the Boite De Soldats offers vintage toy soldiers of the highest quality to the most demanding collectors. Our selection includes all manufacturers in all themes and in all materials ranging from civilian and military produced in lead, plastic, and aluminum. We are located in Paris in the 15th arrondissement. Our store, with the bright red door, has attracted experienced and beginning collectors from all over the world. If you are in Paris, please come to visit us, or shop on our website where you will find all of the figures and sets available in store. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a particular piece or if you would like more details about our offerings.

We are affiliated with the CEA * chamber of experts, and can provide an expert valuation of your collection.

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François Beaumont.

The reference of the lead soldier

François Beaumont. Expert affiliated with the CEA.

Compagnie d’Expertise en Antiquité et Objet d’art.

9 cité Trévisse – 75009 Paris

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